Getting ready for the show!

I have participated in online sales and shows with my teddy bears for a few years now. I do sell a few a year. But this year, my goal is to work harder to promote and sell more bears! I also will be working on getting my yarn store up and running this year. I still have to work at my ‘real’ job but my ultimate goal is to be able to support my self with my crafts. I want 2015 to be my best year yet on gain my independence. Working for myself is my dream and I will achieve it!
I am participating in an online show coming up in February. From the 6-9th my bears will be available for sale on winter star online show! Mark it on your calendars and drop by to take a look!


New year, new goals!

I have been very busy with my hobbies, my ‘real’ job and my family. Now is the time to reorganize and restructure things a bit. I will be focussing more on my hobbies, in hopes to broaden my knowledge and hopefully move into the next stage of my life. My goal is to make my hobby, my new job. 2015 will be a challenging one but it will be for the better. I want to to pass my passion for my hobbies to others. Here I go! I will keep you posted! Have a great news years day!

Happy news



I know I shared this picture of Michael in an earlier post, but I have received great news !   He and a few other bears are being featured in a magazine called Teddyzine.  I am very pleased to be involved!  I have been working hard on my bears as I have several shows this summer, so being chosen to be in a magazine is a huge boost.  I can’t wait to get my copy!   It is a happy day,,Happy Canada Day everyone! 🙂


Preparing for the show!



It is so rewarding when a project comes together well!   I have been preparing for an online show in July it is a Christmas theme and my preview bear is finished!   His name is Michael, he has a sweet little face and I am very happy with the way he has turned out.   I have three others to make before the 11 th of July. I love being involved in these shows.  I have met some very talented artists.  It is a privilege to be among such talented individuals!  If you would like to see amazing creations , drop by I am certain that you will love what you see!  Have a great day everyone!

The greatest site in all the land! Teddy bears big and small!